Abeille Single Wall Artwork by Ernst H for Apax Design

Description: Brushed Brass
Size: 300mm x 300mm
Lead time: 4-6 weeks
Group price: Less 10%

Please note each piece is sold individually and can be assembled in a group to your liking.
Cost excludes VAT & shipping.

All defected or damaged products will be replaced with new items within a 6 week period.


Available on backorder

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Ernst H. Eloff is a self-taught designer specialising in furniture, lighting and custom architectural commissions.    

Various works by Ernst H. can be seen in some of the most affluent residences and commercial establishments around South Africa. Coming from a background in investment furniture trading and art curation, he draws his inspiration from a classic design aesthetic to provoke timeless aesthetic appeal. His designs for Apax Design create timeless elegance and epitomises luxurious materiality.